'The Screaming Skull' - Trailer

'The Screaming Skull' - Trailer


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  • Uploaded 5 days ago

    'The Screaming Skull' is the third in the 'Penny Dreadful' series of animations.

    It was made more or less 'back to back' with 'Scayrecrow' and was co-funded by the Exeter phoenix and Exeter Council. Set after the First world war, 'The Screaming skull' is a gothic story of ancestral anxieties, hereditary madness and ghosts that won't be put to rest.

    Drawing upon such influences as M.R James and the Amicus movies of the 1970's, 'The Screaming Skull' is a quintessential British horror film.

    As of March 4th the complete film will be available to download from www.carrionfilms.co.uk.

  • Ghost-story Amicus Horror Animation Legends folklore Raindance awards Carrion Film Ashley Thorpe